GSU Model Ladders

with platform step for added security

Our new platform tripod model has a deeper platform (7″) than the normal steps of the tripod ladder, and a handrail above that to hold onto or lean into. Combining these stepladder qualities with the stability and practicality of the tripod design, they’re perfect for jobs such as orchard work, hedge cutting, tree landscape work or even putting up Christmas lights!

The back leg adjusts quickly with a spring-loaded pin up to 2′ in 6″ increments. As with our entire tripod range, the back leg can be shortened (by 18″) or extended (up to 6″) to cope with slopes and steps around the garden. All GSU models¬†come with 3 hard surface rubber safety feet.


  • Stable Tripod Design
  • Perfect for trimming trees, orchards, hedges, etc
  • Adjustable 3rd Leg for Slopes and Steps
  • Simple & safe spring pin adjustment
  • Lightweight and Weatherproof
  • Up to 9′ Safe Standing Height (SSH)
  • Very light, and very strong, 300lb. Type 1A ANSI rating
GSU-8AS8'9'6'4'6'24 lbs
GSU-10AS10'11'7'4'7'31 lbs
GSU-12AS12'13'9'4'9'39 lbs
*SSH = Safe Standing Height

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